PHENOTYPE_* Constant Group

Phenotype constants are meant to be used with the functions GetPhenoType() and SetPhenoType(). They should really only be used by custom content people who aim to take advantage of the new way of altering a Player Characters appearance easily.


The "Big" phenotype is one of the 2 default options when you create your character - its the larger, slightly fatter and/or more muscly version of chracters.
As noted in the SetPhenoType() function, this can only be used if a custom content creator knows what they are doing, and add the correct parts to a hakpack file. It would be then used to set a PC's phenotype so cirtain parts of the player will change appearance, and others stay the same, so horses and other similar things can be added, but they still have the same armor/weapons equipped and visible. Although 1.64 only supports an extra custom phenotype, there will cirtainly be up to 9 in total at one stage or another in a future patch.
The default, "normal" sized phenotype is used for almost all cases to look "normal" and as the models were intended to look. It is one of the two default avalible choices at character creation.

See Also

functions: GetPhenoType | SetPhenoType