CraftBrewPotion(object, int)

Create and return a magical potion for a specified spell.

object CraftBrewPotion(
    object oCreator,
    int nSpellID



Object in whose inventory the newly created magical potion is to be placed.


ID of the spell that is to be represented by the potion.


This function creates a magical potion with a specified spellID, places it into the inventory of oCreator and returns the potion object.

If the potion could not be successfully created, OBJECT_INVALID is returned instead.


This functions is used within CICraftCheckBrewPotion() to create a magical potion on oCreator.

It will work within or outside of a spell script.

oCreator need not be able to brew potions; nor do they need to pay any gold or XP.


#include "x2_inc_craft"



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