Determines the size class of a creature.

int GetCreatureSize(
    object oCreature



The creature whose size we are to determine.


Returns the size (CREATURE_SIZE_*) of oCreature.

It returns CREATURE_SIZE_INVALID for an invlaid size - normally a non-creature.

The sizes are defined by the 2da file, creaturesize.2da


This is determined by the appearance of the creature.

A PC who is polymorphed into a dragon will return the CREATURE_SIZE_HUGE, not thier normal CREATURE_SIZE_MEDIUM.

There is no way to change this appart from changing the appearance.2da file.

It also only really affects Knockdown and AC. - it is harder (more penalties) to attack a larger creature, and tiny creatures get a small bonus to AC (+2), small get some (+1), large get a small penalty (-1) and huge gets a small penatly (-2). The AC changes show up in a creatures properties in the toolset.




// If we are HUGE, we say a huge speakstring!
void main()
    // Check our size
    if(GetCreatureSize(OBJECT_SELF) == CREATURE_SIZE_HUGE)
        // Speak the taunt - Monty Python fans might remember 
        // this from a certain Archiologist Height scetch
        SpeakString("I'm so tall! Ahahhehehehe!");

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 author: Tom Cassiotis, editor: Jasperre, additional contributor(s): Jasperre