Get Data from Creature Function Category

A function that returns data from a creature.


NameBrief Description
AmIAHumanoidReturns TRUE if the target is a humanoid.
CanCreatureBeDestroyedReturns TRUE if the target creature is allowed to die.
CheckCharismaHighDetermines if the Charisma score of the speaking player is above 14.
CheckCharismaLowDetermines if the Charisma score of the speaking player is below 10.
CheckCharismaMiddleDetermines if the Charisma score of the speaking player is in the normal range.
CheckCharismaNormalDetermines if the Charisma score of the speaking player is above 9.
CheckCurrentActionCheck to see if we're in the middle of some action so we do not interrupt or pile actions onto the queue.
CheckIntelligenceHighDetermines if the Intelligence score of the speaking player is above 14.
CheckIntelligenceLowDetermines if the Intelligence score of the speaking player is below 9.
CheckIntelligenceNormalDetermines if the Intelligence score of the speaking player is greater than 8.
CheckIsAnimActiveTurns off the calling object's NW_ANIM_FLAG_IS_ACTIVE animation condition if there are no players in the same area.
CheckWayPointsChecks to see if an NPC has a valid waypoint to walk to.
CheckWisdomHighDetermines if the Wisdom score of the speaking player is above the low range.
DetermineClassToUseLooks at the character classes of a NPC and determines which one to use in combat.
GetAbilityModifierGet a creature's ability modifier for a specified ability.
GetAbilityScoreGet the ability score of a specific type for a creature.
GetActionModeCheck if a creature is using a given action mode
GetAgeDetermines the age of a creature.
GetAlignmentGoodEvilDetermines the disposition of a creature.
GetAlignmentLawChaosDetermines the ethos of a given creature.
GetAnimalCompanionCreatureTypeGet a creature's familiar creature type.
GetAnimalCompanionNameGets a creature's familiar name.
GetAnimationConditionReturns TRUE if the given creature has the given condition set.
GetAppearanceTypeRetrieves the appearance of a specified creature.
GetArcaneSpellFailureGets a creature's arcane spell failure factor
GetAssociateReturns an object's associate.
GetAssociateTypeReturns the associate type of the specified creature
GetAttemptedSpellTargetDetermines the creature a spell was attempted to be cast at.
GetBaseAttackBonusRetrieves the base attack bonus (BaB) for a specified creature.
GetCasterAbilityModifierReturns the modifier from the ability score that matters for this caster.
GetCasterLevelDetermines the level of caster for a creature or PC casting a spell.
GetChallengeRatingReturns the challenge rating of the target creature.
GetCharacterLevelReturns the total levels a creature has in all three classes.
GetCharismaGets the targets Charisma Ability Score.
GetClassByPositionGets the creatures class for the position identified. The position refers to 1st class, 2nd class or third class in a multi class creature.
GetCombatConditionDetermine whether the specified X0_COMBAT_FLAG_* is set on the target.
GetCommandableDetermines if the object in question can have actions added to it's action Queue.
GetCreatureBodyPartReturns the model number being used for the body part and creature specified.
GetCreatureHasTalentDetermines whether a creature has a specific talent.
GetCreatureHomeWaypointGet a creature's home waypoint; returns OBJECT_INVALID if none set.
GetCreatureSizeDetermines the size class of a creature.
GetCreatureStartingPackageReturns the default level up package
GetCreatureTailTypeReturns the Tail type of the creature specified.
GetCreatureTalentBestDetermines the best talent of a creature from a group of talents.
GetCreatureTalentRandomRetrieves a random talent from a group of talents that a creature possesses.
GetCreatureWingTypeReturns the Wing type of the creature specified.
GetCurrentFriendGet the caller's current friend.
GetCurrentHitPointsDetermines the number of hit points someone currently has.
GetCurrentInteractionTargetGet the caller's current interaction target.
GetCutsceneCameraMoveRateReturns the current movement rate factor of the cutscene 'camera man'
GetDefensiveCastingModeRetrieves the defensive casting mode status of a creature.
GetDeityDetermine the deity of a creature.
GetDetectModeDetermines if a creature is currently searching.
GetEpicSpellSaveDCDetermines the DC needed to save against any epic spell.
GetFacingUsed to determine which direction something is facing.
GetFactionAverageGoodEvilAlignmentGet the average number (between 0 and 100 inclusive) of the all objects within the object's faction that represents the Good/Evil alignment
GetFactionAverageLawChaosAlignmentGet the average number (between 0 and 100 inclusive) of the all objects within the object's faction that represents the Law/Chaos alignment
GetFactionAverageLevelGet the average level of the members of the faction.
GetFactionAverageReputationGet an integer between 0 and 100 (inclusive) that represents how an objects faction members collectively feel about the target object.
GetFactionAverageXPGet the average amount of XPs for all members in an objects faction.
GetFactionBestACGet the member of a faction (party) who has the highest Armor Class.
GetFactionEqualAre both objects in the same faction?
GetFactionGoldGet the amount of gold held by all members of a certain faction.
GetFactionLeastDamagedMemberGet the member of oFactionMember's faction that has taken the fewest hit points of damage.
GetFactionMostDamagedMemberGet the member of oFactionMember's faction that has taken the most hit points of damage.
GetFactionMostFrequentClassReturns a constant representing the most common type of class amongst the members of a faction (party).
GetFactionStrongestMemberGet the member of an object's faction who is the strongest.
GetFactionWeakestMemberGet the weakest member in a faction (party).
GetFactionWorstACGet the object faction member with the lowest armor class.
GetFamiliarCreatureTypeGets the PC's animal companion creature type.
GetFamiliarNameGet a creature's animal companion name.
GetFirstPCObtains the first PC
GetFleeToExitReturns TRUE if the executing object can use ActivateFleeToExit.
GetGenderDetermines the gender of a creature.
GetHasFeatTest whether a creature is able to perform a feat.
GetHasSpellDetermines whether a creature has a spell available.
GetHitDiceDetermines the HD of a creature.
GetImmortalRetrieves the mortality of a creature.
GetIntelligenceGets the targets Intelligence Ability Score.
GetIsBusyWithAnimationReturns TRUE if the creature is busy talking or interacting with a placeable or GetCurrentAction does not return ACTION_INVALID.
GetIsCreatureDisarmableCheck if oCreature can be disarmed
GetIsDMDetermines whether a creature is a DM avatar.
GetIsDMPossessedReturns whether the creature is possessed by a DM
GetIsDoorActionPossibleDetermines whether an action can be used on a door.
GetIsInSubAreaChecks if a creature has triggered an OnEnter event
GetIsListeningCheck whether an object is listening for something.
GetIsMagicStatBonusReturns spellcasting ability modifier.
GetIsPCCheck whether a creature is player controlled.
GetIsPlayableRacialTypeDetermine whether the target creature is one of the playable races.
GetIsPlayerCharacterCheck to see if target is PC and not DM.
GetIsPossessedFamiliarRetrieves the controller status of a familiar.
GetIsPostOrWalkingDetermine whether a creature has associated waypoints.
GetIsRestingCheck whether a creature is resting.
GetItemPossessorGet the creature or object who possesses a specified item.
GetLastAssociateCommandGet the last command issued to a given associate.
GetLastKillerGet the object that killed the caller.
GetLastSpellCastClassReturns the class that the spellcaster cast the spell as
GetLastWeaponUsedGet the last weapon that oCreature used in an attack.
GetLawChaosValueUsed to find an object's law/chaos value.
GetLevelByClassGet the level of an object in a given class.
GetLevelByPositionGet the class level of an object from the class table.
GetLocalFloatGet the value of a decimal number stored on an object.
GetLocalIntGet the value of a whole number stored on an object.
GetLocalLocationGet the data describing a location stored on an object.
GetLocalObjectGet the data describing an object stored on an object.
GetLocalStringGet the value of a string of characters stored on an object.
GetLootableReturns the lootable state of a creature
GetMasterDetermine who controls a creature.
GetMaxHitPointsGet the maximum hit points (HP) of an object.
GetMetaMagicFeatGet the type of metamagic used on the last spell.
GetMovementRateReturns the movement rate of a game being
GetNearestCorpseReturn the nearest corpse object.
GetNearestCreatureDetermines the nearest creature to a target object.
GetNextPCObtains the next PC in the player list.
GetNumItemsGets the number of the item that the target carries.
GetObjectNeedsHealingDetermines whether a creature is damaged to a point of its original HP.
GetPhenoTypeReturns the creature's currently set PhenoType (body type).
GetRacialTypeDetermines the race of a creature.
GetSkinFloatRetrieves a persistent floating point variable from a creature's skin item.
GetSkinIntRetrieves a persistent integer variable from a creature's skin item.
GetSkinStringRetrieves a persistent string variable from a creature's skin item.
GetSpawnInConditionDetermines whether a creature has a certain condition set by BioWare's core AI system.
GetSpellResistanceReturns the spell resistance of the specified creature
GetStealthModeDetermines if a given creature is using a stealth mode.
GetSubRaceDetermines the sub race of a creature.
GetTotalDamageDealtGet the total amount of damage that was last dealt to the caller.
GetTurnResistanceHDDetermines the number of HitDice of Turn Resistance the undead creature has.
GetWeightRetrieves the weight of an individual item, or the weight of all objects carried by a single creature.
GetWisdomGets the targets Wisdom Ability Score.
GetXPGet a given creature's experience.
gplotAppraiseFavOpenStoreOpens a store, modifying the store prices by the Appraise skill of the PCspeaker.

NOTE: This script always results in a good appraise result.
HasSpellChecks if caller has spell
IPGetHasItemPropertyOnCharacterReturns whether a character has an item with a certain itemproperty type equipped.
SpecialTacticsChecks for the special tactics flags and chooses tactics appropriately for each.

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