Returns the spell resistance of the specified creature

int GetSpellResistance(
    object oCreature



Creature whose spell resistance to determine


Returns the spell resistance of the specified creature.

- Returns 0 if the creature has no spell resistance or an invalid creature is passed in.


It is unknown how effects which only affect certain alignments - such as Protection against Evil.

The lowest known spell resistance to be applied to a creature would be 11, highest around 33.

There is no way to use this value using the internal engine (No way to use ResistSpell, or even an altered value), however, custom checks could use this.

Also note that Spell Resistance does not stack. This simply returns what the game engine will use in ResistSpell - the highest value of spell resistance.

Known Bugs

Previous bugs before 1.61 regarding Monks SR stacking with item SR and Spell SR has been fixed.



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