Get a creature's familiar creature type.

int GetAnimalCompanionCreatureType(
    object oCreature



PC or NPC that may have a Familiar


Returns oCreature's familiar creature type (FAMILIAR_CREATURE_TYPE_*).
Returns FAMILIAR_CREATURE_TYPE_NONE if oCreature is invalid or does not currently have a familiar.


Returns no information for summoned creatures. Note that an animal companion is different from a familiar.

This function returns the type of animal companion that can be summoned, not the type of animal companion that is currently summoned, so you can't use this to determine if an animal companion has been summoned or not.

If oCreature is possessing the animal companion when this function is called, it will return FAMILIAR_TYPE_NONE. Presumably this is because a possessed animal companion can't summon an animal companion.

Known Bugs

GetAnimalCompanion* and GetFamiliar* functions are reversed - GetAnimalCompanion* returns for Sorcerer and Wizard familiars and GetFamiliar* returns for Ranger and Druid animal companions.



See Also

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categories: Get Data from Creature Functions | Henchmen/Familiars/Summoned Functions
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 author: Charles Feduke, editor: Jody Fletcher, additional contributor(s): Jody Fletcher, Gene Koo, Don Allman