Returns the resref (TILESET_RESREF_*) constant of the tileset used to create the area.

string GetTilesetResRef(
    object oArea



The area for which the tileset was used.


Returns the resref (TILESET_RESREF_*) constant of the tileset used to create the area.

Returns an empty string "" on an error.


If the area was created from a custom tileset added to the module in a hak pak, it returns the resref defined for that set by the tileset's author.




// Area OnEnter event script
// If the area being entered was created from the Rural Winter or Frozen Wastes
// tilesets, the entering creature must make a DC 20 reflex save vs. Cold or fall
// down taking 2d6 bludgeoning damage which is reduced by 1/2 if he makes a
// successful tumble skill check at DC 18.

void main()
    object oArea = OBJECT_SELF;
    // Determine the tileset used to create the area being entered.
    string sTilesetResref = GetTilesetResRef(oArea);
    // If the area was created using the Rural Winter or Frozen Wastes tilesets...
    if((sTilesetResref == TILESET_RESREF_RURAL_WINTER) || (sTilesetResref == TILESET_RESREF_FROZEN_WASTES))
      // Determine who is entering the area.
      object oCreature = GetEnteringObject();
      // Creature must make a DC 20 reflex save vs. Cold...
      if(!ReflexSave(oCreature, 20, SAVING_THROW_TYPE_COLD))
        // The creature failed the check and will fall down. Determine if he
        // falls on his face or on his back (random 50-50 chance either way)
        // Make the creature fall down for 2 rounds. SetCommandable is used to 
        // ensure the animation cannot be cancelled until the 2 rounds have passed.
        // ActionPlayAnimation is used instead of applying a Knockdown effect in
        // order to bypass Knockdown immunity.
        AssignCommand(oCreature, ClearAllActions(TRUE));
        AssignCommand(oCreature, ActionPlayAnimation(iFaceOrBack, 1.0, RoundsToSeconds(2)));
        AssignCommand(oCreature, ActionDoCommand(SetCommandable(TRUE, oCreature)));
        AssignCommand(oCreature, SetCommandable(FALSE, oCreature));
        // Determine how much damage is taken in the fall (2d6).
        int iFallDownDamage = d6(2);
        // Reduce damage by 1/2 if the creature successfully passes a DC 18 tumble check.
        if(GetIsSkillSuccessful(oCreature, SKILL_TUMBLE, 18)) 
           iFallDownDamage /= 2;
        // Apply the bludgeoning damage to the creature.
        effect eFallDownDamage = EffectDamage(iFallDownDamage, DAMAGE_TYPE_BLUDGEONING, DAMAGE_POWER_ENERGY);
        ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, eFallDownDamage, oCreature);

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constants:  TILESET_RESREF_*
categories:  Area Functions

author: bernosky, editor: Mistress, contributor: Axe Murderer