Returns the itemproperty quality.

itemproperty ItemPropertyQuality(
    int nQuality



The IP_CONST_QUALITY_* of the item property to create.


Creates and returns a quality itemproperty. You need to specify the desired quality.


IP_CONST_QUALITY_* references the iprp_qualcost.2da file (and so is the cost table value for the item property).  This file currently sets all costs to 0.  If you want the quality property to affect the cost of the item then you need to modify the cost in the iprp_qualcost.2da and place the modified file in your override folder.

The cost value (which is also the IP_CONST_QUALITY_* constant) can also be used to look up a string reference (strRef) for the name of the quality type in iprp_quality.2da.

Known Bugs:

GetItemPropertyCostTable returns 29 for this property, but there is no entry for 29 in iprp_costtable.2da (the last entry is 27).  You can add the entry yourself (be sure to add a line 28 as well) and place your modified iprp_costtable.2da in your override folder; or you can have any script that tries to find the cost value associated with the quality type indicated catch this value and use the correct cost table directly.  As noted above, the cost table for the quality property is iprp_qualcost.2da.




See Also

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author: Mistress, contributor: Cereborn