Advanced Scripting

Advanced scripting tutorials.

TitleBrief Description
An Introduction To Tile MagicAn introduction to changing the appearance of tiles on the fly.
Builders Guide to Horses & Creature ScalingProleric's guide to horses and scaling.
Celowin - Part X: HenchmenTenth in a series of tutorials teaching the fundamentals of NWNScript programming to a complete beginner.
Custom TokensDescribes what custom tokens are and how to use them.
Creating an Intelligent ItemExplains how to create an intelligent item using Enserric the sword as a starting point.
Dynamic Item Properties - Subraces An example of dynamic item properties, showing how they might be used to create subraces.
Graziano Lenzi - Custom WalkWayPointsBetter control of NPCs with a custom WalkWayPoints function.
Grimlar - Guide To Directional EncountersCreate encounters which alter their spawn point depending on which direction the player(s) are coming from.
Grimlar - Guide To Portal StonesA brief description of how to go somewhere and come back again, similar to the Relic of The Reaper or Stone Of Recall.
Huntsman - Guide To Henchman: Advanced TopicsA short discussion of several, somewhat more complex, subjects concerning henchmen.
Huntsman - Guide To Henchmen: One Liners And InterjectionsA short description of how to set up a henchman conversation to include one liners and interjections.
Huntsman - Guide To Henchmen: SoU / HoTU StyleHow to create a henchman similar to those found in SoU or HoTU.
Introduction To DatabasesAn introduction to using the database functions to save and restore information.
Lilac Soul - Spell-HookingDescribes what spell-hooking is and how to use it.