TLVFXPillar(int, location, int, float, float, float)

Creates a rising or falling pillar with a certain visual effect.

void TLVFXPillar(
    int nVFX,
    location lStart,
    int nIterations = 3,
    float fDelay = 0.1f,
    float fZOffset = 6.0f,
    float fStepSize = -2.0f



The visual effect to draw.


Location to put on the light show.


Number of times to draw the light show. (Default: 3)


Number of seconds to delay before drawing. (Default: 0.1)


How far off the ground to draw the light show. (Default: 6.0)


How far to lower the drawing of the next iteration. (Default: -2.0)


Creates a rising or falling pillar with a certain visual effect.

Looks cool but quite expensive on the graphics engine, so don't get too mad with it.

Visual effects are all in the file "visualeffects.2da" and there are normally several which do not have effect constants (under VFX_ in the constants list).


#include "x2_inc_toollib"




// Create a trigger and attach this script to the OnEnter event then create a 
// waypoint nearby and set its tag to "wp_pillar_loc".

// This script can actually run from any object event but certain events will
// not be appropriate as the PC would not see the visual effects.

#include "x2_inc_toollib"

void main()
    // Locate the waypoint that indicates where the vfx pillar should appear.
    object oPillar = GetWaypointByTag("wp_pillar_loc");
    location lPillar = GetLocation(oPillar);

    // Create a vertical pillar of five blue/white rings with the first ring
    // 0.5m above the ground and the subsequent rings 1m above each other.
    // NOTE: the rings only last for 3 seconds.
    TLVFXPillar(VFX_DUR_SPELLTURNING, lPillar, 5, 0.0, 0.5, 1.0);

See Also

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categories:  Visual Effects functions

author: Mistress,  editors: Sunjammer, Axe Murderer