Determines course of action while in melee combat for all NPCs.

int TalentMeleeAttack(
    object oIntruder = OBJECT_INVALID





The main attack routine for creatures. Checks to ensure target and calling creature are in same area, then runs through a 3 phase check. All phases check to ensure target creature is valid, is not dead, is in the same area as OBJECT_SELF.

Three phases are: 1) Determines to attack last creature attacked,
2) Determines to attack a new target that is attacking OBJECT_SELF. 3) Determines to attack a new hostile seen or heard.

If none of these phases come up with a target, no attack is made. If a target is received, it analyzes targets AC and current level of OBJECT_SELF.

The function then determines the NPC's attack strength by taking it's class level (HD) and multiplying it by 75% (see Remarks) then adding the current strength modifier.

If the hostile creatures AC minus the resulting value above is below 10 (nDiff) the function checks to see if OBJECT_SELF has capability of disarming foe (or another feat), if so, it does this form of attack. IF nDiff is higher than 10, a normal melee attack is attempted.


In the scripting, the 75% multiplier is near a commented line giving 100% of the NPCs HD in addition to Strength modifier.


#include "x0_i0_talent"



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 author: Jody Fletcher, editors: Lilac Soul, Mistress