Determines best course of action for NPC spell-caster when in melee combat.

int TalentMeleeAttacked(
    object oIntruder = OBJECT_INVALID





Function runs through list of TOUCH, RANGED and AREA EFFECT talents that OBJECT_SELF may have, tried to determine the best one, failing that, determines a random talent attack of the above type.

IF OBJECT_SELF currently in combat with more than 1 foe, checks AREA EFFECT, TOUCH and RANGED talents (in that order.) with same checks for validity.


This function has been moved to x0_i0_talent, but it is still sufficient to include nw_i0_generic.

ISSUE 1: The check in this function to use a random ability after failing to use best will fail in the following case.

The creature is unable to affect the target with the spell and has only 1 spell of that type.

This can be eliminated with a check in the else to the effect of : else if(!CompareLastSpellCast(GetIdFromTalent(tUse)))

This check was not put in in version 1.0 due to time constraints.

ISSUE 2: Given the Spell Attack is the drop out check the else statements in this talent should be cut.


#include "x0_i0_talent"



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 author: Jody Fletcher, editors: Lilac Soul, Mistress