Raise the nearest corpse from the dead.

void TriggerRaiseCorpse(
    int nVisualEffect = VFX_IMP_RAISE_DEAD



Visual effect used when raising the corpse. (Default: VFX_IMP_RAISE_DEAD)


Raise the nearest corpse from the dead.

This should be called by the trigger object! It ASSUMES that GetEnteringObject will work for OBJECT_SELF here.


This function does nothing if the entering object is not a PC based on the results of a call to GetIsPC.

Uses GetNearestCorpse to find the nearest corpse to OBJECT_SELF to be raised.

RaiseCorpse is then called to do the actual grunt work of raising the selected dead body using nVisualEffect to mask the swap.

After a 5 second delay. OBJECT_SELF is destroyed. This destruction makes the trigger one time use instead of repeatable use.


#include "x0_i0_corpses"



See Also

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author: Mistress