Item Properties Function Category

Item property subsystem.


NameBrief Description
IPCopyItemPropertiesCopies all permanent item properties from one object to another.
IPCreateAndModifyArmorRobeCopies an armor object and changes its appearance.
IPCreateProficiencyFeatItemOnCreatureGives a creature all available proficiency feats.
IPDyeArmorChanges the color of an armor.
IPGetArmorAppearanceTypeReturns an armor appearance type for the specified armor model.
IPGetDamageBonusConstantFromNumberConverts a number into a damage bonus itemproperty constant.
IPGetDamagePowerConstantFromNumberConverts a number to a damage power constant
IPGetHasItemPropertyByConstReturns whether an item has an itemproperty.
IPGetHasItemPropertyOnCharacterReturns whether a character has an item with a certain itemproperty type equipped.
IPGetHasUseLimitationReturns whether an item has any usage limitations.
IPGetIPConstCastSpellFromSpellIDReturns a spell's corresponding itemproperty constant.
IPGetIPWorkContainerReturns the container used for item property and appearance modifications in the module
IPGetIsBludgeoningWeaponChecks if an item is a bludgeoning weapon.
IPGetIsIntelligentWeaponReturns whether an item has the intelligent itemproperty.
IPGetIsItemEquipableChecks if an item can be equipped.
IPGetIsMeleeWeaponChecks if an item is a melee weapon.
IPGetIsProjectileChecks if an item is a projectile.
IPGetIsRangedWeaponChecks if an item is a ranged weapon.
IPGetItemHasItemOnHitPropertySubTypeChecks if an item has a specified onhit subtype itemproperty.
IPGetItemHasPropertyChecks if an item has a matching itemproperty.
IPGetItemPropertyByIDReturns an itemproperty.
IPGetItemSequencerPropertyChecks the sequencer property of an item.
IPGetModifiedArmorCopies and modifies an armor and returns it as an object.
IPGetModifiedWeaponReturns a copy of a weapon with the appearance of one weapon part modified.
IPGetNextArmorAppearanceTypeReturns the next valid appearance type for an armor.
IPGetNumberOfAppearancesReturns the number of armor part variations for the specified part.
IPGetNumberOfArmorAppearancesReturns the number of possible appearance types for the specified armor model (armor part).
IPGetNumberOfItemPropertiesReturns the number of item properties present on an item.
IPGetPrevArmorAppearanceTypeReturns the armor's previous valid appearance type for the specified part.
IPGetRandomArmorAppearanceTypeReturns a random valid armor appearance type of the appropriate part.
IPGetTargetedOrEquippedArmorReturns the equipped armor or shield of a spell target.
IPGetTargetedOrEquippedMeleeWeaponReturns the equipped melee weapon of a spell target.
IPGetWeaponAppearanceTypeReturns a weapon appearance type for the specified weapon part.
IPGetWeaponEnhancementBonusReturns a weapon's enhancement bonus.
IPRemoveAllItemPropertiesRemoves all itemproperties from an item.
IPRemoveMatchingItemPropertiesRemoves itemproperties of a given type, duration, and subtype from an item.
IPSafeAddItemPropertySafely add an itemproperty to an item.
IPSetWeaponEnhancementBonusSets an enhancement bonus on a weapon.
IPUpgradeWeaponEnhancementBonusUpgrades a weapon's enhancement bonus.
IPWildShapeCopyItemPropertiesCopies itemproperties from one item to another.

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